Frequently Asked Questions

How much Suga's Shea is in each jar? 

- Each Jar Contains 8 oz. of product however, a little goes a long way

Is this Suga's Shea suitable for those with nut allergies? 

- Due to the nature of our ingredients, those with nut allergies are advised to not use our Suga's Shea. 

Can I use Suga's Shea on my face as a moisturizer? 

- Since one our key ingredients is coconut oil,  I would not advise anyone to use it as a facial moisturizer as it may cause clogged pores. 

Is Suga's Shea unisex? 

- Yes, our Suga's Shea is suitable for everyone who cares about their hygiene. 

Can I use Suga's Shea on newborn/toddler's skin? 

- Yes! Suga's Shea is perfectly suitable for all ages however I suggest you perform a patch test before considering everyday usage. If you or your child begins to experience any redness or irritation after patch test, please discontinue usage. 

How long is processing and shipping? 

- Processing Time is 5 - 14 business days and shipping usually takes about 3 - 5 business days. 

May I exchange/refund my Suga's Shea?

- Due to the nature of the product, We do not offer exchanges and refunds are only issued if your Suga's Shea is lost or damaged. 

I live in the Dallas, Texas area, can I pickup my order? 

- Pickup's are not available at the moment but we're working diligently to have this option available in the near future. Until then, All LavishSkyn products will be shipped through the USPS.